Friday, 6 March 2015

Toke Makinwa's Friday Swag!

The Media Personality is showing off her swag with this lovely snap back which s actually from Legendry DJ Jimmy Jatt's line..

Davido shares touching message remembers Late mum on 12th Anniversary of her death..


Awww she was really pretty I see where his sisters get their looks.. Pele David!

Flavour's boo,former beauty queen Anna Banner expelled from Dubai Uni for being pregnant;Relocates to South Africa!

As Previously reported in media outlets that former beauty queen Anna Banner was pregnant and expecting a baby with her musician beau Flavour.

Anna however debunked the news a false even though sources say she is indeed pregnant.

Sources are now even alleging that the beauty queen has been expelled from her Dubai University which she just recently enrolled in and has had to relocate to south Africa and Not Nigeria to cover things up and appease her family..

See How National Enquirer puts it..

"That ex Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2013, Anna Ebiere Banner is pregnant for highlife singer, Chinedu Okoli popularly known as Flavour is no news.

Nevertheless reports reaching this office from multiple sources have it that the Twenty years old beauty has sacrificed her academics at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and on her way to South Africa.

Photospeak; When Ekiti state Governor Ayo Fayose hit the Buka for some Amala..

I hear he does this alot,even goes to beer Parlours and sits and has a drink and gists with the people there.. Now we know why they voted passionately for him he seems so down to earth and close to the people..

Ohhh Btw Buka's are the best place for Amala choi! with  all the Bokoto,Shaki,Eja Kika,Roundabout,Ponmo..Chai chai chai!

The Fittest Pregnant woman ever! 8 months pregnant model is so fit her tummy is flatter than yours!

Is that some sorta Magic or nah?? I mean this model who well is a fitness fanatic is 8 months pregnant!. She has been chronicling and documenting her pregancy progress through snaps on Instagram and its simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

Brand new Video; Iyanya feat Don Jazzy "GIFT"

I think the video is okay,song is oo..ok too but I just kinda wish Iyanya could do a full RNB album with Collabos from people like Praiz,Timi Dakolo.chidinma enough of all the pa pa pa tunes now.. I still remember his very first single "Love truly" dude's got a voice..You've made money now show us your talent!

Brand new  video from Iyanya and the Don

Check on it!

Photos DJ Cuppy and Billionaire dad Femi Otedola jet out to Dubai!

It was only just few days ago that DJ Cuppy enjoyed some time in Malta and this time she's jetting out with her billionaire oil Mogul Dad to Dubai.

Lets just say Dad's got business in Dubai and Cuppy follows in Tow. #Privatejettins

The General's Back! APC's Buhari Arrives Nigeria after speaking trip abroad(PHOTOS)

The APC's Presidential candidate arrived Abuja the Nigerian capital this morning after a speaking trip where her gave a speech at the UK's Chatham house..

More photos when you continue..

Soundcity TV's Moet Abebe is engaged! see her stunning ring and her beau

Ohhh waohhh... congratulations! but would we be forgiven if we assume she's engaged to her beau which she often gushes about?? I mean the other time she was even thanking GOD for giving her a man.. lol..

We never can tell with our  celebs these days so we just take the boo we know so far to be her fiance..

Congrats Moet!

Its True! Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari confirms birth of twins..

I must say Nadia must take an Award for staging one of the biggest suprises this year so far ohhhh forget Chris Brown  For a celebrity of her status and calibre to cover up her pregnancy till she gave birth to twins which we reported Here!.. Nobody even heard nothing!

We all thought she was in a relationship with stylish Nigerian actor Jim Iyke yes they did break up at some point but they got back together and even took her on a trip around the world where her had a Mariachi band sing to her and proposed. Well now we know better it probably was all for show,for his reality show Jim Iyke Unscripted.

It simply means Jim And Nadia havent even been together in a year or more,we have over 10 months of preggo downtime to confirm that hehehehe..

Anyways to quell our worries of is it true?,its not true,is it possible? Nadia just confirmed with a beautiful note she shared on her Instagram page..

"Dear Buttercakes(Which she calls her fans and followers)
How wonderful it is to feel Cherished an cheered by one's loved ones!
My Heart throbs and thrives in joy by the much love you all have shown me and my little angels we are eternally grateful
May my joy of the moment become your moment of joy as we enjoy this moment of GOD's blessings together.
To GOD,to you and all who think you immensely."

Love N.S.B.

Congratulations once again Nadia!

What Kim Kardashian can do I can do Better! Jared Leto also flaunts new look Platinum hair for same Balmain show at PFW

Wow! Jared arrives with a new hairstyle at Balmain's ready-to-wear Fall-Winter 2015/2016 fashion collection

Rookie mistake: Jared should have known better than to leave the tag on but perhaps the jacket was only his for the afternoon

Dead ringers: Kim and Jared  both showed off their newly dyed locks (his for his role in the Suicide Squad movie)

Like Seriously #RME whats it with y'all and the blondie look?! Jared only just cut his hair the other day and now he's gone blonde.. and even launched his new look at the same Balmain show Kim showed off hers..

 But at least his is for a movie role not like Kim's which is actually hideous!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Somebody please save Kim Kardashian from Kanye West! debuts new platinum locs and super hero look

Ruffling feathers: The 34-year-old is on her way to the Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week - her new dye job is worlds apart from the raven-haired look she was sporting just days ago

In sync: The reality star was closely followed by her doting husband as she made her debut - he matched her look in black 

I was still saying Here  Kim Kardashian can sure do simple ohhh How wrong I was! Cos she debuted this new look today for Paris fashion week.

This I could swear is Kanye's brainchild.When he was away she dressed normally but now..she's flown to Paris to meet him.. ohhh look!

In demand: The reality star had another inch or so off her locks, with layering added into the back

Hair she goes! The strikingly bold look will no doubt have met with approval from Kanye

Kim Kardashian?? Or someone from star wars??

Kris is totally unimpressed Kanye is ruining the family's cash cow's image

She's brave: It's not yet known what North thinks of her mother's brand new look

It seemed fine when she just had it done but no  IT IS NOT FINE

Photos;Pokello stuns in outfits from Hubby Elikem's line..

Match made in heaven when you have a eye for fashion,love of shoes,a fantastic body and your Fiancee is a designer #Dassal! lol..

Pokello is rocking skirts from her hubby Elikem's line..

More when you continue..

Meet Actor Yul Edochie's lovely Family;Wife and Kids..

Who knew Yul was married?! He even has three! kids..waohhh he must be really really private.

The actor who is Veteran actor Pete Edochie's son just recently shared photos of his wife and kids..

See that when you continue..

Video;watch the Tinubu AIT "Lion of Bourdilion Documentary that's causing alot of ripples on the Nigerian political scene..

So this is like the hottest video in Nigeria right now! Its incurred a 2 Billion Naira law suit for AIT who first showed it,AIT then sued Tinubu back for 100 Billion Naira! Chineke!

Well both of them need not bother because its gotten online I even hear its now been duplicated and sold as DVD's in traffic chei our Ibo bros'

It really is quite revealing..If you havent watched it on the Telly..check it out below..

On Nutrition,diets,types of grains,oils and changing food trends;Media Personality Wana Wana's got something to say!

Just came across this on the media personality's page..

"Everyone is now a roadside nutritionist and dietician. I swear there are marketing execs of food companies just laughing at our expense. They said eba was bad for you now people moved on to wheat meal, then they said plantain flour is better now they have moved on to oatmeal 'swallow'. Just lick the soup and rest your case.
Milk was bad then they moved on to soy milk, now they say that one causes infertility then they started with almond milk(dont get me started on the cost). it seems rice milk and oat milk didn't quite stand the test of time. I remember when they said rice was bad(actually it is still the enemy) and everyone moved to bulger wheat then spelt and now quinoa is the new champion grain. Avocados where best, then they werent then they have made a come back. Don't get me started on oils. Olive, then grapeseed, then canola, then coconut, then soy. Then don't heat it over a certain temperature. It seems Nigerians also just discovered kale. The excitement is exhausting. At least the good thing is that people know there is a world beyond rice and stew
We are all going to die eventually aint we all. Moderation is key, life is not that serious"

I do Agree! Its not that serious..No one is the same,no two bodies are the same do what works for you,eat what you want to but in moderation..Moderation is key!

Super model Elle Macpherson "The Body" still stunning @ 50!

How do you even begin to explain that at 50 Elle Macpherson still has such a fantastic figure!  she sure can give even an 18 year old model a run for her money..

Well they dont call her "The Body" for nothing!

Photos Karruche Tran and Chris Brown's baby mama Nia partied together all along..

Isnt it amazing that Karruche and Nia could have probably been sorta pals hanging out together I mean she was right beside her and she was "Doing" her man behind her! 

Karruche dint even know her beau had a lovechild and a baby mama until TMZ "helped" her bu breaking the news

Nia knew Karrueche,she knew they were together ohh well everyone knew but Karruche wouldnt have known  she was digging it behind her back with Chris obviously..
Kea must be so hurt

Well maybe its just a case of the enemy lies within..
Nia is kinda pretty tho..

Toke Makinwa's VLOG of the week " Are you open minded"

This week the media babe is talking about all those things we never could ever open our mouths to talk about before but are now.. well kind of becoming acceptable..Like the transgender,bisexual,lesbian,Gay.

Those words are beginning to sound normal in our dictionaries these days..

Well I think I think I am a bit open minded.. are you??

Check on it!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Baba Oni Gba! Obasanjo and Pals play football to celebrate his 78th Birthday!(PHOTOS)

Some call him the sharp old fox,some call him Baba Iyabo, well add Football star to that! Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo reportedly played a full 90 Mins with his pals to celebrate his upcoming 78th Birthday! Waohhh 80 in a bit! #Bravo!

Lets get ready to Rumble!

more when you continue..

Kim Kardashian can do simple! Shows off shorter hair and cleavage in simple dress..

Thats a really simple dress on her.. I say simple because Kim's body seems to actually be "breathing" I mean most of her outfits are so tight sometimes I fear she will just explode hahahaha..

But this is good save for the too much cleavage tho.. and she's also wearing shorter hair..

I can bet Kanye did not style her this time, dude's got weird ideas lol..ohhh yea he's away in Paris....

Photospeak;When Rotimi Ameachi turned Hairdresser!

Pause! lemme laugh! its not funny joor! lol..what's the rivers Governor doing this one for?? so they will say you re down to earth kwa..Mba! Akuko! Story! but its funny small sha..

Homely Girl! Yvonne Okoro shares Video of her preparing Banku..

Yvonne is one of my fave actress she's half Nigerian,Half Ghanaian  she just shared a video of her "Turning" Banku..Banku to the best of my Knowledge is a staple food delicacy in Ghana the same way everyone kinda knows and eats pounded yam in Nigeria(Pls do correct me if am wrong)

She says..."Dear Bf..just to let u know
tht whoever u are with now(tht lil chic) cant possibly be ths domesticated..I Go hard..check out my hot pants whiles making banku.It surely doesn't get better than this..sincerely your future yvonne Chinyere okereke okoro"

lol..check out the video below..

Meet Chris Brown's baby Mama Nia Gonzalez+ Karrueche's reaction to all the drama..

Chris and Karrueche when the going was good

Yes it is alot of drama according to reports Chris' baby mama  Nia is a "Thot" who's well "been around" and was actually making another man raise the child.

Karruche supposedly just knew today cos she only responded with a tweet after the news of Chris having a baby broke earlier today

See tweet below..

Awwwww sorry Kae! I actually underestimated her saying she was gonna stay with Chris because lets be honest babe has taken a lot of BS from Chris.. So sorry Kae #Ehugs! 

 ~whispers~ or errrr are you gonna be coming back soon Kae??

Ohhh you are wondering where Nia's photo is?? Hol up! the thing is hen..They said she is an instagram model but I have spent a considerable amount of time and am not sure I found any profile that fits hers.

So I am going to have to send you to the guys at Mediatakeout not a fan of that site BUT! They seem to have digged up some of her raunchy photos.. go right ahead ---->Mediatakeout

Mercy Johnson opens up! "Why I boarded the train with "Ordinary people"

The Internet was buzzing yesterday(No not enough to break it) because actress Mercy Johnson dumped her luxurious rides and hopped on a train

Well she's tried to explain how,why and when she decided to hop on the train with "Ordinary people"

Ohhh her Husband also went on the trip with her,photos of him also on the train surfaced today.. see what she said below..

Mercy Johnson

My picture and that of my daughter, Purity in a Lagos train has surfaced online and quite a number of people have asked me what I was doing in a train and in Lagos for that matter; not Paris or London.

I was around Iddo at Ebute Metta when my Range Rover developed a mechanical fault and I had to make a very important appointment in Ikeja regardless of the usual traffic congestion in Lagos. Luckily, a member of my management team was around, he suggested a train ride and we were in Ikeja in less than 30 minutes but that is not the crux of this statement.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have had to answer questions in private and public as to why I would board a train because trains in Nigeria are considered a means of transportation for the ordinary and not-so-rich people. A friend called and said I just devalued my brand by being on the train with ordinary people.  I couldn’t help but laugh. Are we extra ordinary people because we are celebrities?

For Laughs! New ways to queue on a line..

lol! but dont people already queue with their cars(Insert fuel scarcity tins) so lets just say this is an upgrade i.e for the "legedez benz" folks..