Sunday, 21 December 2014

Yemi Alade shows off pins in thigh high split dress

If you've got it? Flaunt it! The Singer showed off her legs in this thigh high split Number ..


Some Aso Ebi Goodness from Toke Makinwa..

Nigerian Designers/Tailors( I am not sure which is responsible for her outfit) are simply creative! Lovely..

One more photo when you continue..

Laura Ikeji shows Toned Body and Flawless skin in new photos..

Tights? or somebody don become Oyinbo!

You would agree with me that Laura has kinda carved out her own celebrity status for herself and you might also want to agree that her skin whether "Denciad"  Or for real is spotless! And of course we know she's been working out with her waist trainers ,the results  she is showing off in crop tops.

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Nollywood Actor Bobby Obodo tweets on Producers making actors/crew work like prisoners -"I feel sorry for actors who dont have livelihood outside their acting gigs"

The Actor seemed concerned and pained about the working conditions in Nollywood and how his colleagues are being treated, he says he doesnt take it though..

quite revealing what goes on in the Industry..

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Elton John set to wed husband David Furnish today..

The "Dont let the sun go down on me" crooner is set to properly wed his partner of 9 years today..

The pair entered a civil partnership on December 21, 2005 and now on their nine-year anniversary they plan to officially wed. 

The Couple already have two sons together who were birthed trough a Surrogate..

Kylie Jenner and Tyga seem to be drunk in Love;But its a Taboo!

Errrrm I say its a Taboo BECAUSE! Kylie is 17 and and dude is 25! so technically if they make their relationship public,Tyga would be accused of being with a minor..

So they sticking to We are friends when its obviously more cos they have been stepping out a lot together..and they leave us saying "Kylie and rumoured boyfriend tyga" twishhh!

Ohh By the way wasnt Tyga's baby Mama Blac Chyna Kim's BFF?? ohhh..spicy! so lets just say Blac would be like 

Blac:Kim so you allowed your kid sis snatch my man

Kim: errrrr No they just....

Blac: Cmon call her to order to leave my man!

Kim: I cant do that you know.....

Kris walks in..

Kris: Ohhh please Blac your time is past let Kylie enjoy her man okay?!


Saturday, 20 December 2014

First photos from Chika Ike's Miss teacher Movie premiere

The Premiere held this evening in Enugu ..check out a few photos below..

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Look who's been soaking up the lovely Nigerian weather in her Bikini;Dillish shares Vacation photos from Lagos

The BBA winner just shared vacation shots from Lagos..she must be enjoying the lovely sunny weather as she stripped to her bikini for some poolside fun.. And is that a Rolex I see?? hmm #dunno

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Annie Idibia stuns in yellow as she receives Leadership Award on behalf of husband Tuface..

"About last night. .. At the Leadership Awards of Excellent/World Changers.. Receiveing The award on behalf of a "world Changer" the best ** Mr Innocent Idibia "2BABA"  she shared..

She was equally looking gorgeous in this red jumpsuit..  I see Christmas is in the air!

Tunde Kelani,Ronke Ojo,Desmond Elliot and MC Oluomo rock out in Asoebi for Oshodi day..

Tunde Kelani with Mc Oluomo NURTW boss

I never  knew there was an Oshodi day..Film veteran Tunde Kelani just shared these photos..

Tunde Kelani,Ronke Ojo and MC Oluomo..

Tunde Kelani with Desmond Elliot..

The Bootyful Family;Kim and Khloe Kardashian show off their derrieres

Always ready for her close-up: The 34-year-old wore her raven hair straight and sported eyeliner and pink lipstick

Goodies: The sister act left the beauty centre carrying bags full of products
Love Kim's shoes..

Bling: Khloe wore gold matte pumps with spindly heels and large hoop earrings

What can I say?! It must run in the Family then! lol.. Khloe and Kim were photographed  while they arrived to film for their show keeping up with the Kardashians(KUWTK)

More photos when you continue..

What VP ticket loss?? Rotimi Ameachi enjoys fun time at Rivers Carnival

We all thought he would have been picked for the Vice-President  slot for his party APC instead he was made head of the presidential campaign for the party..

The outgoing Rivers Governor seems to be putting all that behind as he was photographed having a fun time at the Rivers Carnival..

More photos when you continue..

Cameron Diaz engaged to good Charlotte Rocker Benji Madden..

She may not have wanted marriage but all that seems to have changed as after a 7 month romance with Benji Madden the pair have gotten engaged..

Cameoron 43 and Benji 35 are said to be totally smitten and cant wait to take their relationship to the next level

According to reports Benji spends so much time at Cameron's it seems like he practically lives there. and they are so happy together.. 

Nicole Richie who played matchmaker for the two lovebirds is also married to Benji's twin Joel.. 

Asked if she set them up, she said: 'Yes. I'm going to take responsibility for everything!'
 'I approve of anything that's going to make Benji happy. She said.


Nollywood actress Didi Ekanem wants to be recognised for her acting than for her bum;Speaks on work,life and love for Sex in new interview

We previously featured Didi Ekanem on her winning the booty battle with equally booty endowed nollywood actress Daniella Okeke Here! so I guess we are guilty of the offense of tagging Didi with being famous for her bum..

You cannot really blame us though we havent really seen any movie she has starred in but Didi is trying to change all that by pushing her talent to the fore..

She opened up in  a recent Vanguard Interview..


How has it been so far?
It’s been awesome, interesting and crazy at the same time. Let’s just say I am having fun all the way.

What do you mean crazy?
Crazy in the sense of challenges you have to face

What challenges are you facing?
Challenges in the true sense of the word, like not really having producers believing in you and of course, you know yourself, you know you have the talent but the producer doesn’t see it your way. As an actress I have had to go the extra mile, not in the negative sense, to make people see beyond the looks and see deep into the beautiful talent within. I thank God I have gone beyond that now.

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Its Denim and some kicks for Rita Dominic's weekend style

I Imagine Rita's closet will have equal amount of shoes(Heels) and assume she does shoes during the week or for outings and weekends are totally laid back..

She also showed off her Christmas hamper from Zaron cosmetics. she is an ambassador for  the brand..

Okaayyy! This was really funny!

I have watched this multipple times and I have been Laughing so hard.. lol.. like wha??! 


Dear Niyola and Banky W could you please just get together Already!

This photo was taken today as they both headed out for a wedding..dont they just look good together??  they should just get together already!

Or wait! are these two already an Item and are just still forming boss- label mate relationship?? hmmmm..

So who's excited about a remedies reunion?!

Remedies was one of the main groups in the 90's infact they redinfined the music industry we have in Nigeria today but they split many years ago and two of them Eedris and Tony Tetuila enjoyed considerable level of success in their solo careers.That cannot really be said of Eddy who dint do much after their split as he was also plagued with marital problems..

Performing at Raypower/Daar/AIT's 21st year Anniversary recently where they were also awarded and recognised as one of the first songs played on Raypower the trio were full of joy and delight as they revealed they have reunited and settled their differences.. Speaking Eddie said "I can relate what has happened to Nigeria my country,Remedies represents the IBO.Hausa,Yoruba(Tony is Yoruba,Eedris is Hausa and Eddie is Ibo or Niger delta) and are all excited about whats happening with the group. So far we can settle our differences and embrace peace it mens Nigeria to will have peace and will be better abd grow to become the best in the world!" He said..and that they should go tell everyone that THEY WERE BACK!

So anyone excited??

Check out one of their songs "Shakomo" Below..

Fred Amata Congratulates EX Ibinabo Fiberesima on her wedding

Ibinabo and Fred dated for years and even have a 5 year old daughter together..god to know there is no bad blood and they are happy for each other either way..

But why not call her though?? or send a card or a gift or something?? Well.. guess its just the pressure from social media to say something 

Congratulations to Ibinabo once again..

Joseph Yobo endorses Goodluck Jonathan for 2015 as Etcetera makes a case for him- "I feel sorry for him"

Former Super Eagles Captain, Joseph Yobo, has identified President Goodluck Jonathan as a president who has done well for the Nigerian youths and should be given a second chance to accomplish what he has in stock for the youths.

Yobo was in the Presidential Villa with an organisation he called “PDP Ward To Ward Initiative” to hold a meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to Joseph Yobo, the transformation agenda of the Jonathan administration has given the Nigerian youths power and belief in oneself and this cannot be ignored.

He said that the future is for the Nigerian youths and that everyone of them should stand up and defend their votes during the February 2015 presidential elections.


In Etcetera's new column this week he also makes a case for the Nigerian president..

Hey guys, I guess you know that pointing fingers is not my style, hahaha, just as I know that it will be difficult to find a single Nigerian who hasn’t pointed fingers at President Goodluck Jonathan since he became President. But really, can so many fingers be pointed at a single individual all at the same time? Some people have gone to the extent of saying that since Jonathan took office, everything has gone to hell in a handbasket. Others have held him responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the country, from the tear in their pants to the economy. Trust me: Nigerians are beginning to agree that when it comes to assigning blame, look to Jonathan first.

More when you continue..

Tuface Idibia's hilarious tweet about bleaching creams

I am not sure that is totally funny but I think He might just have had humour n his mind.. 

Is that Beyonce?! ohhhh its only Toke Makinwa!

The Media Personality showed off her look s she headed out to the Rhythm unplugged event that held last night..

Friday, 19 December 2014

Photos;Toyin Aimakhu is showing off some Iro and Buba Swag!

Hen! Swagga lomo! hehehe..totally love the fabric...

For Laughs this friday

Its Friday guys,Christmas is in the air..have a laugh today! XOXO!

Meet The New MRS in town Ibinabo Fiberesima now officially married;wedding photos This way!

Traditional wedding photos

Ibinabo is close to 50 but she only recently found her MR right and got married..

Congratulations to her #Loveisabeautifulthing

More photos when you continue..

High Fashion is the way! Demi Lovato stuns for Allure,Nicki Minaj blows it out the water for Roberto Cavalli

Those shoes! wowzer!

High fashion: Nicki Minaj has been unveiled as the new face of Roberto Cavalli's spring/summer campaign

The Two artistes have been recently photographed rocking some lovely fashion pieces...Demi Lovato in a recent shoot for Allure an Nicki for a new Roberto Cavalli Campaign..

Nicki Minaj should totally be a model now..she's been in so many campaigns this year alone and she nails them all.. Fierce all the way!

More when you continue..