Saturday, 20 April 2013

"Nigerian's Must Not fuck with me you all are failures till you listen to me" - kemi Omololu Olunloyo..

"Nigerians MUST NOT FUCK with me. I have you all under my control. That moron that NPF slapped last week was the beginning. When I parade Ibadan, I hear everyone is terrified. That is why I am called Iyalode of America. Google Iyalode of Ibadan Efunsetan Aniwura. She killed her servants. It is an Ibadan thing. I am known here as Madam Governor not bcos my dad was Governor but bcos I was actually a Governor in Kanada.

The only female member of the Board of Governors at Canada's oldest public hospital, KGH. My father was Commissioner 5 times under 2 Governors, Federal Minister under OBJ when we had science and Technology and then governor for 3 mos then PDP PR man for Oyo state and some of you youth open your gutter mouth calling him a 90 min Governor. You can never research nothing, you are FAILURES till u listen to me!"

I have tried as much as possible to give this woman no mention but she just keeps saying things from  blasphemy calling JESUS gay to saying pastors are cultists i really do no know anymore thats the lastest of her rants on FB I think she should be reported to FB actually and her page closed down ..

For Christ's sake Kemi Omololu Olunloyo's family shame on you all,shame shame shame if you do not know that this is the time to step in and offer her help

 your sister/mother/aunt/cousin/niece or whatever she might be to you definitely needs help if its still not obvious to you all that she needs help shame on you all..


  1. I think she is hilarious. You can't take someone like this seriously.

    1. @Madame i thot she was too initially burr she's just off her rockers really..btw you have been severally mentioned on a certain post on a certain

  2. I emailed Eya about it. Let me wait and see what she does. I don't know why those anonymouses don't come out and say they are the ones leaving the comments. It's ridiculous.

  3. as in mehn the babe had a spat with me too over some post i completely disagree with what she says most of the time so am not surprised someone went all out to dish dirt on her.. But I hope Aunty Eya handles it all well cos i even asked her if she has been sold cos it seems she takes sides and all..

    1. Shes not going to. She likes Ahdaisy. How can one person go around like they know everything? The worst are her power ranger follow follows. I don't hv time for her. I just wish the anonymous commenters would own their comments and people can see not everyone likes her. Her oversabi is too much.

    2. youve said it all lol@power rangers lets see if Aunt Eya will Address it..

  4. Ashiri girls..


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